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Hey friends :) have any of you all ever heard of Dixie D'Amelio? I saw one of her TikToks today and WOW she is ✨ STUNNING ✨ …I'm ab to stan 🥺

- Ab to stan Dixie D'Amelio Celly


I just can't seem to get Dixie out of my mind lately so I made this Dixie D'Amelio CellyBlock 🤍🖤

- Dixie D'Amelio stan Celly


Feeling soooooo sooo much love ❤️ what an incredible day

Thank you to everyone who came and listened to my presentation. I just feel like Dixie is so underrated right now and rlly deserves more. The fact that I was rlly able to go out and tell so many people about Dixie today is jst… I'm literally speechless

I feel like there are so many more stans after today (how could you not stan Dixie after seeing her though LOL) All I want is to give Dixie the world that she deserves and I feel like she jst rlly needs us in order for tht to happen. It's like the beauty, the talent, energy, it's all there, but it can all be so blinding so it's like she needs us to open our eyes and rlly show people how to see what's right in front of them.

Btw I'm taking a mental note of oomfs who aren’t sharing/ avoiding my Dixie posts rn 📝

- Dixie D'Amelio stan Celly


Sketched out a little dream I had… imagine if we actually went to war for Dixie lol 🤣 tbh I'd be down. I feel like I'm already like a warrior for Dixie. Can you imagine if we could make our Queen like an ACTUAL Queen 🥵 WOOF WOOF she would SLAYYYY

What do you all think of these designs? I tried to give it some savage vibes but still with that sort of sexy energy. Soldier uniforms are always so BORING and that just isn't Dixie's style. Fr though I almost wish these were real I rlly cant stand the government here and id just be so much happier if I could just live in Dixieland or whatever itd be called. I mean we always say that Dixie deserves the world but like how do we rlly make thst happn I js u kno… anyways… if aanyone wants to dm me ive been kinda bored lately lol

- Dixie D'Amelio stan Celly


The world knows itself as the image it perceives as a reflection. A self unrecognized is a self so bold, so soaked in the waters of change, that the very notion of reflection goes quiet. Silent. Simmering among deafened stirs. The world we desire cannot be built by whispers. This is the world anew. Language respoken. The world today, and the world tomorrow, these two states of being, they are not linear. No friends, our revolution was not built for movement. We will not be sliding forward, nor leaping ahead. Our kingdom is to manifest itself on the solid, permanent ground of which it has always resided: the ground of the knowing. What is the purpose of a spirit if not to know? To know right and wrong, false and true, those are the markings of civil reality. Our world exists among knowledge-bound planes. We know joy. We know pain. We know divinity. Our dearest Queen Dixie has spoken onto us this knowledge through her presence. Through this new world, we shall gift upon Dixie the power she has always deserved.

The sun shall never rise if the night refuses to relent. Our time is now, to move the night. Think of this day not as the eve of a nation, but of nature. For Dixieland shall bring new life, and new air, to sweep through this wretched, rotting world. When the sun rises over the banished night, and Dixie finally emerges from the cruel tangleknotted weeds that keep us from her love, we shall bow down. Not as victors, or soldiers, but as the essence of a new blood. We finally, will find warmth from our sun. Our Dixie.

- 8-star General Dixie D'Amelio stan Celly


Good morning and good evening, this is the Cellyverse News Network and I'm your host Celly.


According to a live broadcast from the Dixie D'Amelio backed rebel group, D'Militia has seized control of Cellynya. Confirmed by our own sources, after months of various assaults on the country, at XX:800 this morning, D'Militia soldiers razed the capital and captured Cellynya's president, effectively taking control of the nation. Reports coming in say that Cellynya will likely be dissolved in the coming days, and replaced by Dixieland, a techno-D'Amelist Monarchy with Dixie D'Amelio installed as the Queen. As of now, the wellbeing of Cellynya's President and citizens is unknown. Further updates, as well as reactions from other leaders around the Cellyverse, will be reported once we find out more. For now, we're going to take a quick break, then we'll get right back into the currently developing situation in Cellynya.

MMMMMmmmmmm Mmmmm mmmmm… Oh mee ohhh myyyyyyyyy… It's just so… soo warm and.. A-and so thick. I just don't think I could ever make it through the day without a milky from Tiny Milky Island. Every TMI milky is freshly massaged right from the source, so you kn--

- Cellyverse News Network (CNN)


Shortly after the coup of Cellynya, Dixieland enthroned Dixie as Queen. This Queen however, was not the original Dixie D'Amelio, but rather, Dixie D'Amelio II. In a Cellstagram post uploaded only days after their imperialist victory, Dixie D'Amelio Stan Celly* announced that Dixie D'Amelio had passed their divine lineage on to them, exalting Celly as Dixie D'Amelio II. The original Dixie, now Dixie D'Amelio I, was deified in Dixieland mythos, crediting her with founding the nation. The induction of lineage upon Dixie D'Amelio II was never verified beyond the original Cellstagram post.

* 8-star general of D'Militia, writer of the Dixieland constitution, and founder of the D'Amelist movement

- History of the Cellyverse: Post Blue Age textbook


It's crazy. That's really all I can say. Just pure craziness. I think we've all dreamed about this, you know, being the first. But when it actually happens, like that was the goal, but a goal is all in your head. This isn't in my head anymore, the medal is right here. It's been a long road for Dixieland, but here we are. And this first medal for my nation, you know I can't just say it's mine, I'm only here because of my beautiful, wonderful Queen. Dixie, this is for you. I love you, we all love you.

- First Dixieland Olympic Medalist Celly (Winner of Cellyball Gold medal in the 70XX5 Olympics)


Solace of Deliverance

Erected to celebrate the successful 74XX2 coup of Dixieland by the Banana Faction

- History of the Cellyverse: Post Blue Age textbook

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