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Celly model sm0l-88p

Yellow unit.

Hair: medium-length. Flat ends supplemented by puffy base. Matte snowfall white with colored accents. Soft like kitty fur. Fluffy balls

Eyes: heart-shaped due to hypersaturated desire/fetishization ports. Lid features with open/close capabilities. Tri-color iris. Pupil absent.

Booba: cutting board-esque.

Body: completely smooth. No holes or insertion points. Smol and cute like a little birb.

Thickness: Tengujo

Belly button: unnecessary.

Skin: shifts in appearance to match Celly's current perceptual aura.

Toes: no toes, only feet.

Cheek-located aura rings: where Celly stores the perceptual energy they've captured. Present in some form throughout all iterations of Celly.

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